from 1970 to 2023

The long history of luxury audio-making has just begun.


The History Of Luxury Audio

Around 1970, golden age of Korean audio industry, Korean audio industry has continued to make leaps and bounds, not only producing through its own brand, but also producing most of the world's leading hi-fi audio brand products as ODM/OEMs. However, with the development of the internet and the appearance of smartphones and streaming services, music became easily accessible, and Korean audio products and brands disappeared into the fog of history.


Renewal Of The Past

Audio artisans who led the golden age of the Korean audio industry maintain the spirit of sound tech as professional performance sound equipment products for a small number of people, and the reputation of the past has been continuously reinterpreted in a modern way and has developed into a high-end audio system.


Cross Culture Creative

Led by the Swedish global designer DK in 2020, an encounter with a creative group drove a gathering of sound engineers, audio manufacturers, and artists to create DKMUSEO – ARTSOUND Collection.


When Old Becomes New Again

Displaying a fusion of contemporary innovative acoustic technology and the handcrafted skill of artisans during the 1970s, the bold and original monolithic canvas design was intertwined into a singular artwork to be reinterpreted as an acoustic object in 2023. Introducing “ARTSOUND”, a spatial interior audio speaker that transcends time and skillfully harmonizes the balance between the classic and the contemporary. .