DKMUSEO is an “interior space furniture and home appliance collection” designed to function as works of art in space by merging art and technology.

With global designer DK as the forerunner, we frame a sustainable collaboration system of “Zero-Inventory” with manufacturing specialists, engineers, designers, and customers, and introduce new luxury objects that connect space and people.


The 2023 DKMUSEO Collection is for people who appreciate “time to contemplate music” and have an insightful eye and affection for “a deep awareness of space and lifestyle,” and it is for these people that we propose the interior space audio of “ARTSOUND.” 

Displaying a fusion of contemporary innovative acoustic technology and the handcrafted skill of artisans during the 1970s, the bold and original monolithic canvas design was intertwined into a singular artwork to be reinterpreted as an acoustic object in 2023. 

Introducing “ARTSOUND”, a spatial interior audio speaker that transcends time and skillfully harmonizes the balance between the classic and the contemporary. . .

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DK Museo's collection is based on the philosophy of “New Luxury Lifestyle” that is generated through the convergence of a variety of fields, elevates the elegance of the space in which it is situated, and tangibly enhances the quality of life of the people who experience that space.

DK Dongkyu Kim

Responsible for influencing and leading the innovative design values of international brands for over 20 years, his experience as design director of SONY, ERICSSON Sweden Branch, lead industrial designer at SAMSUNG, Korea, and executive creative director of BSH Bosch Siemens Group in GERMANY is unmistakable. He has been awarded more than 20 international design awards such as IF, Reddot, IDA, Dezeen, and Cannes, and has also been presented with a creative talent award in Sweden, selected as a design leader in Korea, and has served as an advisory board member of the prestigious Design Korea. He is currently the CEO of Supublic and the head director of DK MUSEO. 

Verner Corbusier


Jay W Lee



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